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Our philosophy
Julie Josephine Essentials is a Norwegian fashion brand yearning to create your finest wardrobe essentials in the best materials, in the best way possible. We want to create pieces that are slow fashion, timeless pieces, you can always go back and wear.

How we work
Julie Josephine Essentials production manager, Mina Dyrstad studied fashion and production at Høyskolen in Oslo Akershus and has worked at a number of large Norwegian fashion brands, before starting her career at Julie Josephine.

Mina has the responsibility together with our founder and creative director, Julie Josephine, to create garments that are wearable, thoroughly thought through. They design all garments in their studio in Frogner, a small area in the center of Oslo.

Julie and Mina’s main goal for every piece is to use fabrics that are from the best qualities in Europe. Using high quality fabrics creates long-lasting pieces that will last for many years, therefor creating a slow fashion concept. Mina and Julie are convinced that if they create pieces that last longer, the mentality of wearing once and disposing quickly, will be reduced, consequently reducing consumption and helping the environment.

Where do we produce?
Mina has a passion for production and is always keen on finding the best factories for our production. The factories we work with need to tick off boxes such as; Good work environment, fair pay, clean work spaces, fair working hours.

The team has visited all the factories they work with and have a close dialogue with the managers at all factories. If the team is not able to visit, we have asked colleagues within the industry who have worked with the factories to express their opinion, as well as the factories sending us information and photos from their work spaces.

Julie Josephine produces all their garments at four different factories.

Texmade is a textile company in Portugal, specialized in making high quality jersey garments and is a well reputed factory who works along with many high-quality level brands in Europe. The company was founded in 2005 by Maria João Vieira and Fernanda Faria da Silva, and is a family run company, with 60 employees.

Marfel is a Portuguese manufacturer from Felgueiras with years and years of history, experience and know-how. Founded in 1946 aiming to produce shirts and scarves and to revolutionize the textile world, at the end of the 60’s, Marfel became a national reference in the classic men shirt area and continuously strives to develop its technical capacity to bet on quality striving to deliver the best shirt possible.

Sorste is a textile company, specialized in making might quality tailoring. The company was founded in 1992 in Romania by Bucuras Sorina Lumintata. The company has a portfolio of clients from Europe (Scandinavian part, West and Center) and North America. The company has also made an investment, with EU contribution, in the field of the conventional energy, by installing solar panels, creating electricity though solar energy.

Norma was founded in 2003 in Shanghai. A thriving fashion company dedicated to foreign trade of high quality yarn, knitwear and jersey cut and sew garments.

“Norma” is derived from English phrase “Noble Materials” which inspires us to pursue superior quality.

Quality of both product and service is at the heart of what we do. Their strength is in combining the talent of our skilled team, with efficiency and advanced machinery.

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